Cordless Drill Batteries

Every person who has a home workshop knows how important it is to have a good cordless drill, and good cordless drill batteries. For home remodeling, home building and additions, home repair, furniture building and repair, and other woodworking projects, a cordless drill is essential, and using the best batteries for your cordless drill can make a big difference in how well your projects go. Although most home workshop tool collections probably also include a corded drill, cordless drills are necessary for many jobs. It is safer to use a cordless drill when working on a ladder or on a high place such as a roof, and also when you are working in tight spaces or at awkward angles.

The only disadvantage of using a cordless drill, however, is that the battery or batteries may run out of juice while you are in the middle of a task, and that can sometimes make things very inconvenient for you. One way to ensure that this type of thing won’t happen is to make sure your battery or batteries are fully charged before you use them, and to keep back-up cordless drill batteries nearby that you know are fully charged. Another way to help with the problem is to buy the best batteries possible for your cordless drill or drills; ones that you know will last the longest both when you are working on a task and before they need to be replaced.

Fortunately, today’s battery packs for cordless drills are a big improvement over the batteries that used to be used with cordless drills, although there still can be a difference in the performance and life of the batteries that you buy. There also are environmental factors to consider when buying cordless drill batteries. A lot of cordless drills are run using nickel-cadmium batteries, and these batteries are powerful and can be recharged successfully so many times that it may be years before you have to replace them. Conocer It is replacing them, however, that can pose a problem.

The problem doesn’t lie in finding more – there are plenty of nickel-cadmium batteries out there to buy – the problem is disposing of the old batteries. Old nickel-cadmium batteries should never be thrown in the trash, since cadmium is highly toxic and can leach into the ground from landfills, contaminating water sources and posing a significant environmental risk. Nickel-cadmium batteries must be recycled or disposed of properly, but unfortunately many people don’t heed this warning. An excellent alternative to nickel-cadmium batteries are nickel-metal-hydride batteries, which have been shown to last as long, or perhaps even longer, than nickel-cadmium batteries, yet they are not toxic to the environment.

With this in mind, even if the nickel-metal-hydride batteries cost a bit more, it is better to buy cordless drills that already have this type of battery inside, or that can run on this type of battery. The more consumers buy the cordless drills that run on the more environmentally-friendly batteries, the more manufacturers will produce this type of cordless drill. Hopefully, toxic nickel-cadmium batteries will soon be a thing of the past.

Although different manufacturers will claim that their cordless batteries are better than others, the difference between cordless batteries really is negligible, as long as they are the right batteries for your cordless drill. The size and power of the batteries depends on the size and power of the cordless drill, and how efficiently the batteries work can depend a lot on how well the battery charger works. Don’t ignore the battery charger when you are buying cordless batteries – some are better and last longer than others.